• Lucky And Unlucky Numbers From Around The World

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    Require a bit of assistance while picking your lucky numbers for your next lottery entry? There are so many numbers considered in different parts of the world to be lucky or unlucky, so let’s take a look at these:

    3 – The most commonly lucky number around the world, this number is considered special for different reasons depending on where you are from. In Italy three is thought to be the “perfect number”, rooted in the biblical belief of the trinity; Father, Son and holy spirit. A triangle is made up of three equal sides, making it an indestructible shape, and therefore the number three a strong one. Also, “all good things come in three’s”, as the old adage goes.

    Now, if you were in Russia however, the number three would be considered unlucky, but that’s due to their belief that all odd numbers are unlucky and all even ones lucky.

    4 – If you’re in Germany then the number four is lucky, because that’s how many leaves are in a lucky Clover. But if you’re in Japan, China or Korea, this is a very unlucky number because the pronunciation of it (‘shi’) is the same as the word ‘death’ in these cultures.

    7 – In Western culture this is a lucky number for more reasons that we can list here, including most popularly the heavenly origin, in that God created the universe in six days and used the final seventh day to rest. In Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures, the number 7 is considered the ‘ghostly and spiritual number’, with the seventh month a freebie for ghosts and spirits from hell to visit the earthly realm – not such a lucky number there! And of course it’s an odd number so the Russians aren’t into it.

    8 – Considered by the Asian cultures to be lucky because the kanji for the symbol is the same pronunciation as for ‘prosper, wealth’, this number is also lucky in Russia because it’s an even number.

    9 – In Norse mythology the number 9 is lucky, so the Nordic countries maintain this tradition. It has three 3’s in it so must be triple lucky for some! But if you’re from Japan, China or Korea, the kanji for 9 (‘ku’) is the same as ‘suffering’ – not at all a lucky number for the Asian cultures.

    13 – The most commonly thought unlucky number in Western culture due to biblical origins (thirteen people at the Last Supper, thirteen members in a with coven), the number thirteen is actually lucky in Italy, as it is the number of the Saint of Naples, St. Anthony – though in the north part of Italy, it is considered unlucky.

    15 – Many Spanish-speaking countries hold the number 15 to be a lucky number.

    Try combining some of the lucky numbers together to make your winning lucky number combination! Play lotto online with your lucky numbers and you could win big!

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