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The EuroMillions international lottery is a highly popular European lottery which pools the stakes from a total of nine competing countries, often resulting in very rewarding and lucrative jackpot prizes. During the first few months of its inception, only France, Spain and the United Kingdom completed the list of competing countries. Within a few months however, this number suddenly burgeoned, with many more European countries opting to be an integral part of this exciting game.

To date, the countries competing in the EuroMillions lottery are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Republic of Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

As one might imagine, with so many countries competing in and pooling their collective resources towards the jackpot funds, often-immense jackpots are not unheard of. In fact, the highest jackpot prize paid out to date has been an incredible €185 million, claimed during draw #510 in August 2012. With the amount of countries joining the European Union, it is undoubtedly just a matter of time before even more countries elect to commit to the EuroMillions lottery, which will then logically lead to an even larger jackpot prize pool.

Thanks to the establishment of online lottery ticket sales vendors and agents, it is now possible to obtain your valid entry into any international lottery draw – regardless of your location. It is no longer a prerequisite to be a registered citizen of a particular country or state, in order to legitimately compete in their lottery.

As an active EuroMillions participant and as per the game rules, you are required to select your five numbers of your choice from a range of 1-50, as well as two “Lucky Star” numbers from a range of 1-9. During the drawing ceremony, the lottery machines containing the numbered balls will pull out five main numbers and two Lucky Star numbers at random. Should your number selection match up with the drawn numbers (and depending on how many of the numbers and Lucky Stars are matched up), you would then be eligible for one of the 13 tier prizes on offer – and hopefully the main jackpot prize! Should none of the drawn numbers have a corresponding winning entry ticket, the jackpot would then be rolled over to the following prize draw automatically. There is, however, a limit to how many times the EuroMillions lotto jackpot is allowed to roll over. New regulations drafted and approved in 2007 by the joint lottery bodies, stipulate that the EuroMillions jackpot may not roll over more than eleven times. In the unlikely event of this happening, the jackpot prize would then be filtered down to the lower prize tiers at the end of the eleventh draw and divided accordingly. The current odds of netting a full jackpot win in the EuroMillions game is 1 in 76 million – although the odds of winning a substantial cash prize in one of the prize tiers is a very reasonable 1 in 24.

The EuroMillions lottery draws take place weekly; every Tuesday and Friday at 21h45 CET / 20h45 GMT. The Friday draws, as a matter of interest, generally tend to draw more entries. If you’d like to enter the lottery, you may play right here in the box above, and be sure to check out our Lottery Results page for all the latest draw information – delivered to you first! All prizes (including the jackpot) are tax-free and are paid as a lump sum.


If nobody manages to correctly match up the numbers that have been drawn, the lottery jackpot will automatically be rolled over to the next draw. This naturally means that the jackpot prize pool has the ability to grow weekly (and often in leaps and bounds), if it continually rolls over. Despite its ability to roll over, it should be noted that new regulations which have been imposed currently limits the amount of rollovers to a total of eleven, before the jackpot prize gets automatically redistributed amongst the second-tier winners.

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